Satomi Yajima
Name: Satomi Yajima
Age: 17
Born: 10/22
Blood: O
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 41 kg
3 Size: 78/51/82
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Fighting Style: Karate
Education: Metropolitan T school (3rd grade)
2nd Occupation: Part time elementary school teacher (for her brother)
Hobbies: Cooking and Training
Favorite Thing: Her younger brother Daisuke
Hated Thing: Poverty and Betrayal
Restaurant: Bikkuri Monkey
Data of Satomi Yajima

About Satomi

     Yuka's long time friend and rival. Both of them studied under the same art of Karate. Their long history together caused a special bond of aura that helps them out of trouble. Unlike Yuka, Satomi possess the element of fire as her advantage and to burn her opponent's clothing (practically).

     Satomi has the same fate as Yuka since her parents had also died (in a car accident) when she was young. She lived with her younger brother Daisuke with only very little food and money. Both of them attempted to conserve what they have (they once ran away from a restaurant, so they don't have to pay the bill after a meal).

     This probably explains why the two have messy hair. Satomi was so penniless that she tried to cut her own hair. When she got the chance to visit a real barber, she was hoping she look as good as the other V.G. contestants but it turned out to be even worse than before! Is Satomi cursed forever to have bad hair days?

Bikkuri Monkey

     Satomi's restaurant resides near a small rainforest where a lot of monkeys roam around the area. Bikkuri Monkey (Hence it's name) gets the advantage of a very cool and fresh environment around because of the green plants around. Most of the food comes from these plants including Bananas.

     Now having monkeys jumping around is a nice attraction, but then there are people around trying to eat their food, which is more of a distraction.

Advanced V.G.

     Satomi and Yuka both went to the same school together. They were the best of the friends. They trained in the art of Karate together.

     During the tournament, Satomi was finally face to face against Yuka. They were both determined to win somehow, so their fight was a fierce one. Yuka however got the upper hand and won.

Advanced V.G. 2

     Satomi meets a young girl in a hotel. The girl introduces herself as Tamao. Satomi could not believe how both Yuka and Tamao look exactly like each other.

     Tamao was looking for Yuka and she just happened to be a close friend of hers. Satomi also senses a sudden power with Tamao, so she challenges her to a fight.

     It seems that Tamao was much more powerful than she expected. Satomi told her where Yuka might be located because she also hasn't seen her since. Tamao thanked her for it and ran quickly to search for her. Satomi sees Tamao as an energetic little girl.

     Satomi is now in charge of the dojo where she and Yuka once trained together. She also became an elementary teacher for her brother.

(Another Story) Variable Geo OVA/Anime

     Yuka participated in the tournament by herself while Satomi acted as her manager. One day, Daisuke had an unusual seizure that came out of nowhere. The doctors were able to cure him but that was only until Satomi had enough money and insurance to cover the hospital bill. Satomi realizing that she no money or resources left, the only thing she could do was to risk her life as a V.G. participant.

      It was V.G.'s secret plan to force her into the tournament which is by possessing Daisuke (because someone noticed Satomi's aura). She thought her first match with Ayako (not what she expected from a weird pervert). Satomi later became caught in a trap where she was mind controlled by manipulation to hunt down and destroy anyone who stands in her way. Satomi was virtually unstoppable until Yuka used her power to save her from mind control.

V.G. OVA Seiyuu: Miyamura Yuko

     Another well known Seiyuu. Everyone should know Chun Li from the Street Fighter Zero/Alpha game series (and who doesn't know her?). Also if you don't know who Asuka Soryuu Langley is, then you are an absolute baka!

V.G. Game Seiyuu: Yokoyama Chisa

     There are sure a lot of good roles here. Anyone who has played Sakura Wars should know Sakura Shinguji. Yokotama also had a role for Noin Lucrezia from Gundam Wing. Not to mention Ryoko Subaru of Nadesico.

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