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This website is a study of investment methods practiced by Scamman (a member) whose strategy focusses on investing in OEX (S&P100) options. His strategy uses specific market indicators to forecast short-term changes in market direction (to predict both rallies and sell-offs). Scamman's Strategy focusses on the activity in OEX options which represents what the big players are doing. If the Pros are buying PUTS, a sell-off is expected. If they're buying CALLS, a rally is expected. Option selection criteria is 2 strikes out-of-the-money. Scamman has developed two basic signals: the "Double Deuce" (rally expected) and the "Rule of 3" (sell-off expected). A Double Deuce relies on the TRIN (a rising TRIN fortells a weak market, a falling TRIN signals a strong market). If the TRIN is 2 or higher on a closing basis on Back-to-Back sessions, expect a significant rally within 3-5 sessions. The Rule of Three is based on the Put/Call Ratios for the key indexes: DJX, SPX, and NDX. If any one is 3 or higher on a closing basis, expect a sell-off within 3 sessions. To learn more about Scamman's Strategy, click on the following:


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 Other Useful Links:

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  - Volatility Bands (VB) (probable price high/low extremes)

  - Commitment of Traders (COT) (the Big Picture)
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