Slappe U. Serious


Good Chord

The Mint at Sardis

Columbus Monkey Ranch and Gator Farm

It's finally FINISHED, as of 12/21/2005!  I could have added about five more tunes, but those will wait for another volume.  All songs were written and performed by me, unless noted otherwise.
  1. TEAL - KORG Synthesizer, Warwick 5-string Fretless Bass, Electric Guitar, Flute, Clarinet (2), Trumpet (2), Mellophone, Drumset, Baritone Sax (played by William M. "Bud" Prue), Euphonium (played by Taylor Prue) - This piece was fun to record with my two older sons.  It was written because some students heard me improvising while they were setting up and then they wanted to play it.  They almost demanded that I write more!
  2. Mooseman - Fretless Bass, Fender 4-string P-Bass, Trumpet, Yamaha Synthesizer, Drumset, E.Guitar, MIDI Synthesizer -  this is a complete re-do, and I'm a bit disappointed in it.  It seems too slow.  Very difficult bassline.  The "pop" part of the slap is plucking three strings, and then the line has to be played gently to get the harmonics.
  3. The Ungulates - Fretless Bass, Drumset, E.Guitar - I wish I could play drums better, they are definitely the weak spot.  This tune doesn't really have a melody, it could use some singing, perhaps? This was probably the first bassline I played with the fretless after getting it.
  4. Slappe U. Serious - Fender P-Bass - This is the third or fourth take.  This is basically just me improvising some fun bass stuff.  When I bought the fretless bass, I was afraid that I would never get back to playing the Fender.  I found, however, that I could slap (technique using percussive thumb and "pop" sounds) much better on the old Fender.  So that's what I use the Fender for now.  It's important to note that there are no overdubs on this piece - it's all played as a solo, even though the middle has two different parts at once.  To do this, I use BOTH hands ON the fretboard.  Fun stuff.
  5. Sugarbone - Music by WD Prue, Lyrics by Jesse Hendrich - P-Bass, Trumpet, Trombones (2), E.Guitars (2), Drumset, Shaker, Cowbell, Some little African percussion instrument, Background vocals (2), Lead Vocals by Jesse Hendrich - Funky stuff. Written after Jesse sent me the wild lyrics and said "write something funky."  I think it works.
  6. Camel - Fretless Bass, Trumpet, Flute, Drumset, Ukelele, A.Guitars (2), E.Guitar, Vocals (2) - Do you see why I don't usually write lyrics?  The main part of this song is in 7/4, and in one spot where the heavy 4/4 part comes in, I left off half a beat.  Definitely the biggest mistake you'll hear on this demo.
  7. The Mint at Sardis - Fretless Bass, Clarinet, Trumpet, Drumset (played with mallets), E.Guitar, Wood Block, Cowbell, Triangle, Tambourine, Ugandan shaker - Sometimes I feel like everything I do is the same tempo, so this one changes things up.  Also, varying the tempo is different for me.  The title gives away the mode of the song.
  8. Good Chord - Music by Jesse Hendrich & Jon Prue, Arranged & Performed by WD Prue - Yamaha Synthesized Percussion, Wood block, E. Guitar (2), Fretless Bass, Guiro, Dumbek, Yamaha & Korg Synthesizers, Violins (2), Shaker, Ugandan Shaker, Concert Bells, Didgeridoo, Triangle, Drumset, Trumpet, Mellophone (3), Trombone - I believe this was the most complicated song to record.  This song is a remake of a Warheads tune.  The Warheads was a band I was in during high school, and the band continues to this day, at least occasionally.  I did not play on or write the orginial version, it was written by Jesse and my brother Jon when they were writing music for the Warheads.  It was only about 30 seconds long.  This piece marks the first time I've successfully recorded violins, although the intonation still isn't perfect.
  9. Ukefunk - Yamaha Synthesizer, P-Bass, Trumpet, Drumset, E.Guitar, Ukelele - I tried to find an ugly synth sound for the intro, and I think I did.  This riff is all ukelele, and then I made up the bassline around it.  Very difficult trumpet part for me.  There is actually supposed to be a harmonized trombone part, but NO WAY.  Wish I could hire someone to do it!
  10. How Did I Get Here? A.Guitar, Fretless Bass, Drumset, Dumbek, Tambourine, Flute, Trumpet -  Time signatures! 6/8,5/8,3/4,5/8, and all over again.
  11. Columbus Monkey Ranch and Gator Farm - E.Guitar, Fretless Bass, Drumset, Trumpets (2) -   Once again, fun with time signatures.
  12. SATISFACTION! E. Guitars (2), P-Bass, Drumset - Heaviest tune on here.  Slam does some fantastic vocals.
  13. Trying to Stay Awake - MIDI Instruments - Computer piece, written when I felt like I shouldn't go to bed early, but had nothing else to do, and no real inspiration.
  14. Chandler's Song - Acoustic/Electric Bass, E. Guitar, Korg Synthesizer, Drumset (played by Chandler Prue) - Another fun one to record.

Spring 2004, when I first got my fretless.

Rick Wakeman impersonation
Jesse lent me his old synthesizer, and in June I started putting it to good use.

Slam (aka Jesse Hendrich) sings his brains out on SATISFACTION! and Sugarbone.

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