Not only a popular Cypress Hill song from back in the day, but also the name of a friendly Soldier of Fortune 2 game server.

A to the K is located at IP address:

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List of donators

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When I started running A to the K, my intentions were, and still are, to create a server that gamers can have fun in and not have to worry about the things I didn't like when I was trying to find a server I could call home.

I run Rocmod v2.1a with bot support, and the popular weapon mod "zrest2".

I do not run any extra maps or any other special mods that you will need to download, except for Rocmod v2.1a and the "zrest2" mod (both of which you have probably already downloaded from other servers).

I am no longer calculating stats, if there is an interest in it and multiple people donate, I may start calculating them again.

I look forward to seeing you in the server, I normally stop in the server between 9:00pm EST and 10:00pm EST (GMT -4/-5), stop by and say hi!

10/18 Maguirej

10/18 Dutch

What's new?

*I have setup Paypal donation 
*New standard maps added
*Two DM and one ELIM round
*Still working on adding some
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