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Thank you for visiting me and taking the time to find out who i'am as a person and as a brand new online business owner.

Before i'am a business person, i'am a wife and mother first. I have 4 very sweet children, that i will always put before anybody.

I have created Littleratesmallprices,created with my online products and services, free links and business opportunity affiliate programs.

I do alot of Business to Business because i work with T1 Dedicated, for those businesses who are interested in how much they could be saving in bills.

If you choose my line of products and Services I'am giving you my guranteed promise that i will be the best Representive for you, I will always, answer your questions on time and if i cannot answer them i will definitly give you direction to who can!

It is like the "Saying goes the Customer is always Right" I'am willing to abide by that rule to make sure you get that out of my Companies!


I will make sure you get the guidance that you need to succeed and to answer any questions you may have as well.  
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Crystal B
[email protected]
Looking for Serious Individuals Who want To Work at Home
would you like to work from home making at least $35,000-$55,000 a year Calling Our Consumers and Applicants. We Only Require you to maintain one Active Associate Accout. there are 3 divisions available to work in at this time with more being added. Receive free leads and free longdistance, there is a 14 day free screening process for all job applicants that apply to get started please send me a message and I will email you more details.
Littlerates Telecom is looking for VARs(Value Added Resellers) or who specialize in equipment, phone systems, network design and installation we are also looking for Software Specialists who deal directly with businesses. If you have these skills that are mentioned and you are looking to build your own business or build your customer base and would like more information please contact me, Crystal Barker and I will send you more information.
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