Chop Cams Best of Blood, Bumps & Brawls Vol. 1

Volume 1

1. Clip of Shawn Candido bleeding (after being jumped) SCCW 12/22/00 Fall River, Ma.

2. High. of Sandy Starr bleeding (PCW Body Count 3/18/01)

3. Scarecrom takes a stiff table bump from Thrash (PCW Body Count 3/18/01)

4. Dave Donavan vs Gladiator (weapons match) B.wire chainsaw & more used, bloody (PCW Body Count 3/18/01)

5. Vertabreaker vs Jose Perez (wrestler of the year match) brawl (PCW Body Count 3/18/01)

6. Astroman (champ) vs Jaimie Pain (for hardcore title) Nemesis interferes & sets Jaimie on fire!! NUTS!! (PCW Body Count 3/18/01)

7. Tommy Dreamer vs Nemesis (PCW Body Count 3/18/01)

8. Jaimie Pain vs Nemesis (hardcore singapore cane match, King of Chaos qual.) Ali runs in & bleeds "hardway" & Nemsis take big bump (CW 2/23/01)

9. Gino Martino (champ) vs Ali Mohammad (for title) Roman razorwire chain match (CW 2/24/01)

10. Nemesis vs Jaimie Pain (hardcore match) tacks, chair, canes, etc (HWF Battleclash 4/28/01)

Volume 2

1. Coming soon.


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