Vertabreaker 8:40
"He smokes twice as much"

Vol. 1 (3/00-12/1/00)

1. Verte vs Adam Hasty vs Thrash (3 way death dance) PCW TV 3/00? (has sound prob.)

2. Verte vs DDD Dave Donnavan vs Live f'n wire Dave Padulah (3 way barbedwire fire ball match) PCW TV 4/00 has some vq prob.

3. High of same match as #2 but better vq

4. some highlight

5. Verte vs Kyle Storm (Dog collar match) PCW stop the mayhem 4/28/00

6. Verte vs Shawn Candido (after match nick steele jumps Candido & Frankie Armidillo makes the save) SCCW 11/24/00 Chop Cam

7. Thrash/Verte Int's

8. Verte vs Thrash (thumbtack match) both's return PCW Nov. Dismemeber 11/19/00

9. Kevin Karizma (champ) vs Verte vs P.R. Kid (debut) vs Tiger Kahn (Fatal 4 way match) for light hvy title (Verte sets his leg on fire) PCW Primal Mania 12/1/00

Vol. 2 (1/21/01-4/28/01)

1. Verte vs Tiger Kahn (champ) for lght hvy title (PCW Xtreme Xicution 1/21/01) P.R.K. is ref.

2. Verte & Padulah int. with Team Primal

3. Tiget Kahn (champ) vs Verte vs Angel vs P.R. Kid vs TJ Richter vs Kevin Karizma (for lght hvy title) 6 way match PCW Brutal Beatings 3/2/01

4. Verte vs Jose Perez (Wrestler of the year match) PCW TV Body Count 3/01

5. Verte vs Jose Perez (Wrestler of the year match) PCW Body Count 3/18/01 Chop Cam

6. Tag Battle Royal (for tag titles) HWF Battleclash 4/28/01 Chop Cam

Vol. 3 (5/12/01-11/30/01)

1. Verte Jason Chaos (NEWA Title Tourn.) Rocco's Revenge/Canival of Carnage 5/12/01 Chop Cam

2. Verte vs Kevin Karizma vs Dallas Austin vs Jason Chaos (4 way match for NEWA title) tourn finals Canaval of Carnage 5/12/01 Chop Cam

3. Verte (champ) vs Tigar Kahn

4. then vs PR Kid

5. then vs Kevin Karizma & Minoru Fujita (for lght hvy title gauntlet match) Verte has to win 2 out of the 3 matches PCW Set in Stone 7/8/01 Chop Cam

6. Verte promo

7. Verte & Jose Perez vs "CZW's" Softcore Connection (Z Barr & Nick Berk) weapons,falls count anywhere match PCW No Remorse 8/4/01 Chop Cam

8. Verte (champ) vs Kevin Karizma (for PCW lght hvy title) P3 Pro Summerfest V 8/16/01 Chop Cam

9. Battle Royal (P3 Pro 8/16/01 Chop Cam)

10. Verte & Cueball vs Kevin Karizma & Dave Padullah (P3 Pro Headlock for Humanity 11/18/01 Chop Cam)

11. Verte Joins Karizma to reform CMC? (HWF Chop Cam)

12. Verte vs Dave Padullah (Hardcore match) B.wire around ropes,tons of tacks,B.wire bat,& more bloody!!! HWF Thanksgiving Meltdown II 11/30/01 Chop Cam

13. Verte & Padullah (bloody) NEI promo

14. Verte Promo


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