Nemesis The Future Hardcore Legend

Vol. 1 (99-3/2/01)

1. One Of FHL's 1st matches??

2. "Outpatient" Jay cobain (champ) vs FHL vs Scarecrow (for brass knucks title) NWA-NE tv

3. Outpatient (champ) vs FHL vs Jaimie Pain (for brass knucks title) NWA-NE tv

4. FHL & Jaimie Pain brawl in parking lot at Club Starrz (PCW Nov. Dismemeber 11/19/00)

5. FHL & Jaimie Pain int's

6. Open Invational Bunkhouse Stampede (FHL & Jaimie brawl into kitchen) PCW Nov. Dismember 11/19/00

7. High. of the 1st death match

8. FHL vs Jaimie (2nd death match) 2/3 falls New Jack joins match (PCW Xtreme Xicution 1/21/01) 2 diff. versions

9. FHL vs Jaimie (singapore cane/hardcore match) King of Chaos Qual.,Jim the wrestling goon is ref. & after match Ali Mohamad comes in & gets cut with cane "hardway" & FHL takes table bump & hits his head on gaurd rail (CW 2/23/01 Chop Cam)

10. FHL vs Jaimie (CW 2/24/01 Chop Cam)

11. Battle Royal (CW 2/24/01 Chop Cam)

12. Steve Stallion int. (PCW Brutal Beatings 3/2/01?)

13. FHL vs Jaimie (3rd match of death match) no ropes barbedwire,ladder,tacks,bulbs,bed of nails,sick table spot,etc. (PCW Brutal Beatings 3/2/01?

14. NEI video

Vol. 2 (3/18/01-5/01)

1. FHL sets Jaimie on fire ! (PCW Body Count 3/18/01) tv version

2. FHL vs Tommy Dreamer (Big Jim is sp. ref) PCW Body Count 3/18/01 tv version

3. FHL sets Jaimie on fire (PCW Body Count 3/18/01 Chop Cam)

4. FHL vs Tommy Dreamer (Big Jim sp. ref) PCW Body Count 3/18/01 Chop Cam

5. FHL & Jaimie Pain on Wrestling Talk (SSS calls in) 3/01

6. FHL vs Jaimie (Hardcore/Singapore cane match) HWF 4/28/01 Chop Cam

7. FHL vs Puerto Rican Kid (NEWA Carnival of Chaos/Roccos Revenge 5/12/01) Title Tourn. Chop Cam

8. FHL vs Jose Perez (Anything Goes) NEWA 5/12/01 Chop Cam

9. Last man standing battle royal (NEWA 5/12/01 Chop Cam)

10. FHL on Inside Pro Wrestling 5/01

Vol. 3 (6/2/01-8/16/01)

1. Video of King of Chaos Finals

2. FHL vs Jaimie vs Ali Mohammad vs Gino Martino (no ropes barbedwire/weapons match) King of Chaos finals bulbs,tacks,fire,bed of nails & more! (CW 6/2/01 Chop Cam)

3. Team Primal int with Dave Padulla (PCW Set in Stone 7/8/01 Chop Cam)

4. FHL interferes in Cueball vs Greg Drago match (PCW Set in Stone 7/8/01 Chop Cam)

5. Astroman (champ) vs FHL vs Jaimie vs Dave Donnavan (for hardcore title) 4 way Primal Prosicution match (Padulla & SSS are handcuffed Padulla turns) PCW Set in Stone 7/8/01 Chop Cam

6. Team Primal int (P3 Pro Peurto Rician Festival 8/16/01 Chop Cam)

7. FHL vs Showoff (after match Don Vega jumps FHL) P3 Pro 8/16/01 Chop Cam

8. FHL vs Don Vega (P3 Pro 8/16/01 Chop Cam)

9. Battle Royal (P3 Pro 8/16/01 Chop Cam)

10. FHL does a run in on Jose Perez (P3 Pro 8/16/01 Chop Cam)

Vol. 4 (9/28/01-4/28/02)

1. FHL vs Ralph Lano (MWF The Big Bang 9/28/01 Chop Cam)

2. FHL int with Evil Ed (P3 Pro Headlocks For Humanity 11/18/01 NEI Exclusive)

3. FHL vs Jose Perez (anything goes, weapons match) Everything used Jose gets KO'd legit Crazy match! (P3 Pro Headlocks for Humanity 11/18/01 Chop Cam)

4. FHL (bloody) int (NEI exclusive) 11/18/01

5. Hanging with FHL & Vertabreaker (1/12/02 NEI exclusive)

6. FHL & Scarecrow vs Jaimie Pain & Cueball (no DQ) UCW 1/12/02 Chop Cam

7. Jaimie Pain int (UCW 1/12/02 NEI exclusive)

8. More Hanging with FHL (he shoots some) 1/12/02 NEI exclusive

9. FHL & Don Vega vs Jaimie Pain & Steve Sabo (UCW 2/17/02 Chop Cam)

10. FHL vs Jose Perez (UCW 3/10/02 Chop Cam)

11. Steve Stallion int with Greg Drago (Mutalators jump Drago & Verte comes in & gets jumped too) UCW 4/28/02 Chop Cam

12. Mutalators vs Vertabreaker & Greg Drago (UCW 4/28/02 Chop Cam)


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