Jaimie Pain I'm a F'N mess Vol. 1

1. Jaimie (NEI) Promo

2. Jaimie vs. Outpatient (champ) vs Nemesis (for brass knucks title) NWA-NE tv

3. Jamie & Nemesis Int's & brawl in parking lot (PCW 11/19/00)

4. Nemesis/Jaimie int's (PCW)

5. Open Invataional Bunkhouse Brawl (Jaimie & Nem brawl into kitchen) PCW November to Dismember 11/19/00

6. High. of Jaimie vs. Nemesis (death match 1) begining only

7. SSS & Nemesis Int. (1/21/01)

8. Jaimie vs. Nemesis (death match 2, 2/3 falls) New Jack joins match (PCW Xtreme Xecution 1/21/01) 2 versions

9. New Jack Int.

10. Jaimie & SSS on Wrestling Talk 2/19/01 (w/ Jaimie promo)

11. Jaimie vs. Nemesis (Hardcore/Singapore cane match) King of Chaos qual. (CW 2/23/01, Chop-Cam)

12. Jaimie vs. Nemesis (CW 2/24/01, Chop-Cam)

13. Jaimie vs. Nemesis (No ropes barbedwire match) 3rd match for king of the death match title (bed of nails, tacks, bulbs, etc used, b.wire table bump from ladder, pretty sick match!) PCW Brutal Beating's 2/01

Vol. 2 (3/18/01-7/8/01)

1. Promo/Video's

2. Brian Cairo Int.

3. Astroman (champ) vs. Jaimie (for hardcore title) bloody brawl Nemesis jumps Jaimie puts him through flaming table & Jaimie catches on fire NUTS!!! (Body Count TV Version)

4. Same match as above but "Chop Cam" version (Nuts as I was like 4-5 feet from Jaimie while on fire!)

5. Jaimie & Nemesis on Wrestling Talk & SSS calls (3/01)

6. Jaimie vs. Nemesis (Hardcore match) HWF Battleclash 4/28/01, Chop-Cam (Tacks, Chair, Cane, ect. used)

7. Jaimie vs. Nemesis vs. Ali Mohamad vs. Gino Martino (no ropes barbedwire, weapons match) King of Chaos Finals (B.wire, tables, bed of nails, fire, tacks & more used) CW 6/2/01 Chop-Cam

8. Astroman (champ) vs. Jaimie vs. Nemesis vs. Dave Donavan (for hardcore title) Padullah & SSS handcuffed (4 way primal prosicution match) PCW set in stone 7/8/01 Chop-Cam

Vol. 3 (9/28/01-2002)

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