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Neil Vokes is one of the most underrated artist in comics today. His style is refreshing and unique, especially in this market of over cross-hatching and static "poster" poses on every page. He draws characters that show emotion, movement, and power, like no one in the business today.

"Neil Vokes is a man. A very white man. A very hairy (except for his head) white man. A very hairy, white horny man. A very hairy, white, horny man with a Higlander fixation. A very hairy, white horny man with a Highlander fixation who can draw. He can draw like birds can fly, like the rain tap dances on your roof and like a sunset makes you sigh. In other words, its part of him. Drawing is a natural state for him.
������Neil is a big, white, hairy horny guy with a Highlander fixation who can draw. More than that, he's my friend, a mentor in many ways and someone I care about deeply. So, if you come at him with sun tan loation, scissors, anti-viagra or a thesis on the implausibility of Highlander, I will kill you. �����
�Neil is a great guy, and may Brian Blessed sit on anyone who says otherwise."
Neils pal,
Mike Avon Oeming

"Neil Vokes is a true original -- creative, cantankerous, enthusiastic and an all-around great guy. I started working with him on Vampirella, and when he was fired from the book by know-nothing bean counters, I called him up to tell him not to take it personally, it's not as if they had any taste or judgment.
That call led to several collaborations, and a warm friendship. I hope I'll still be coming up with projects Neil and I can do together until I retire, and I hope we're friends for even longer.
If you know Neil's work, you know why I like it so much. If you don't, check out the site. You've got a treat in store..."
kurt busiek

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