Ya just a loser
ya justa loser......

ya just a loser,
a child abuser,
a man thats so strong,
but hits women,
thats wrong.

no longer your strength,
has holds over me,
i lived there in fear,
now i set myself free.

you think you are great,
look in my eyes it is hate,
thats all i can see,
when your standing near me.

your pathetic,your sad,
yet its me who is bad,
your just like the dad,
i wish i never had.

your never around when help was my call,
you`d rather stand back and watch as i fall,
i feel for you now cos your lonely and sad,
and im young and im free but inside i`m mad,
(and in your eyes, i  am bad! )

and hurt and distressed,theres so much on my chest,
as i try to forget,and live on,not regret,
but how to regret something ive never done,
when we look at the errors we see you are the one.

neil slater.............Wednesday, 13 November 2002

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