What came to this
WHAT  CAME  TO  THIS ......?

passing over-head i dread
the engines roar as planes do soar
high above they scout around
searching for targets on the ground

a helpless kid looks up with glee
and smiles unknowingly at what he can see
not known to him the danger held
when plane lets go and bombs are felled

destroying what they feel is right
not seeing clearly in the night
clearing houses in their path
happy now they sit and laugh

their job is done they can turn home
but not that kid for he must roam
alone at night `cause uncle sam
has done his job,but its all a scam

how can they say they deserve to die
when it happened to them they all asked why
and all the world felt sad and grieved
as everything they said,we believed

but there must be more than they say
for osama to have felt this way
its not something that you just do
because your sad and feeling blue

he must have seen and felt some pain
and the usa takes all his blame
and he revenges death they`ve caused
when thought was needed and violence paused

and time was taken to sit and discuss
and they sorted it out without all of this fuss
and the women and kids could sleep safe in their bed
without all these bombers flying over their head.

Neil Slater ................. Saturday, 28 December 2002
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