tu estas muy bonita,todos dias
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tu estas muy bonita,todos dias...

so six months have past us by,
its gone so quick how time does fly,
but feel so lucky,with you,with me,
just want the whole world,to look,to see

that you are so special,my golden princess,
my love for you darling,is relentless,i `fess,
i hope the next six months,drift by with such bliss,
and our problems are solved when i give you my kiss,

i know it`s been tough,believe,i`ve been there,
through the times we both thought,this world isn`t fair,
but together we are and together we`ll be,
to the end,to show everyone,to make them all see,

that you are my soul,my fire within,
lost,here without you,my heart feels so thin,
but hold on be strong,for the end will be fine,
when i have you,and hold you,and know you`re all mine,

and our dream that we started,when we we`re so young,
the one that we fought for,and onto bravely we clung,
is alive,well and strong,as our children will be,
with our lives spent together,just them,you,and me.

neil slater....2001....spain
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