The final goodbye
the final goodbye,

so i say a final goodbye,
to the girl who just played me,who made my heart cry,
the one who thinks she`s so special inside,
the one who did nothing to me when she lied,
she lives in a world thats all on her own,
her sad attitude will see her alone,
she thinks i will call she thinks i will phone,
but im wiser and stronger and alone i have grown,
into someone she`ll see,but from a distance she will,
cos i think of the hurt and it makes me feel ill,
and ive tried it with water but cant swallow this pill,
so why does she do it,does it give her a thrill,
well im so past caring,that i just cannot see,
how she thinks i am stupid and how she can play me,
well her game has now ended as i set myself free,
and i`ll be so much happier in the end,wait and see.

neil slater...Saturday, 26 October 2002
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