TePoet....Te hoa
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tepoet,te hoa ....
once upon a time ago,
i found a man i did not know,
i read his verse which caught my eye,
such heart felt words from a talented guy,
another poem i had just read,
but not from him from rose instead,
who`s words also were sounding strong,
so i jumped on in and wrote along,
i spoke so true of friendly ways,
of warming words that each friend says,
of praises sounding sweet yet true,
though just how special i never knew,
but as each day did come and go,
and poems were posted as we all know,
i started to see deep inside,
cos genuine people can never hide
so heres to you,your now my friend,
a special person until the end,
a person im so glad ive met,
and someone who i wont forget.

all the best rongo,i hope everything is as you hoped it would be.you have a special heart and im glad to have met you.

neil slater  ...  Wednesday, 23 October 2002
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