Sunny Daze

smoke in my eyes,oh what a surprise,
but then there were times when this stuff got me by,
there were times in my life when i needed to cry,
but,here i am,still standing strong,
still walking around like nothing went on,
still wiping the tears from my hearts lonely nights,
as my mind  keeps on going with the battles it fights,
but each day is bright,so far its got good,
just like i would sit here and tell me it would,
and the clouds in my mind and the doubts and the fear,
seem windswept,their distant,they just dont seem here,
a small sense of pride i am feeling inside,
and my grin is so wide,there`s no way i can hide,
the content in my heart as my life i do start,
to build and to grow to what no-one will know,
or have seen before,then i keep giving more,
til i`m brighter and stronger and just go on longer,
to make you all proud,but i wont be around,
ya see thats how it is,
as we pass down our knowledge and wisdow to kids,
and we teach `em bout life and how it all is,
and then they grow up and then they begin,
to learn just as you did,but you wont let them in,
is it a sin,or am i imagininin`,

neil slater...Thursday, 10 October 2002

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