Still you,Still me
still you,still me......
still in my heart,it is you it is me,
still in my eyes,it is you i do see,
still ev`rywhere when im looking around,
still i keep looking but your still never found,
so still i will stay,
as i hope and i pray,
that the gods still are smiling,or looking my way,
and i hope they can see that this love we did have,
was a love that was special,was a love that was glad,
to be known to each other with a smile on our face,
and a skip and a jump as my heart starts to race,
and i think of the good, but somedays its bad,
which just wells up in-side me,that makes me feel mad,
that makes me explode,that just makes you cry,
and im left here,im standing,
and im thinking hell why,
for your face it does change,when the tears coming near,
and the hurt and the anger,and the grief and the fear,
when i should just hold tightly and just pull you near,
but i cant and im sorry, but i guess i must change,
as i want you to, too my love,our lives,we  must re-arrange.
and make it all good as it so easily was,
and dont ask for no reason,there just aint no because,
and see how it goes and how we get on,
and how much we want each other,just by changing the wrong.

neil slater   ...  Friday, 11 October 2002.....9:45:50 a.m.
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