Start again
starting again......

so once again,
i must be strong,
and dust off crumbs,
of life that was,
and re-adjust,
my weary vision,
as paths once straight,
forge forward,
in crooked lines.
heart once more heavy and limp,
each pulse feels the weight,
of ten horses on my chest.
the sunlight which,
through clouds once broke,
seems too,to have deserted me,
in my darkest of hours.
daggers and blades,
from the hardest fought battles,
now seem blunt,
as sorrow slices its way,
through me again,
but not like before.
for never has this gentle fool,
been persuaded so majestically,
to pass on his love sodden heart,
to his sole princess,
fair maiden,
and daring damsel...
and now like the shattering,
of a thousand windows,
his heart wonders how it will fair,....

neil slater
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