So Many....
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SO MANY.......

so many people,in so many places,
but so few have smiles,on their so empty faces,
with each daily quest,they struggle along,
and make money for governments,
whose scemes seem so wrong,
with so many teachers demanding more pay,
and more striking,less learning,for kids,
home each day,or just out to play,
but this just can`t be right,
as the teachers they fight,for the thing they should get,
if we want all our kids,
to have the bright future we work hard to give,
but their voices aren`t heard they`re just pushed aside,
as the goverment runs and they turn and they hide,
til the can`t hide no more then they come out and plea,
and they fool all the teachers for a short while you`ll see,
and then they return,and they`re questions are many,
and the inflation goes up and they dont make a penny,
and we`re left where we were,and it starts all again,
as the numbers from teaching again start to drain,
til the kids they do suffer,again its not right,
and no matter what they say they just cannot fight,
so we must sort this mess out,yes once and for all,
and prove that this problem just isn`t that small.

neil slater....Friday, 11 October 2002
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