So it Seems
SO IT SEEMS........

so it seems
that you think,
that i dont care,
cos im not there,
well i just dont seem to think thats fair.

i cannot change my situation,
as i sit here with your frustration,
and curse myself with all damnation,
at the stupid mistake that i made,

yet losing my licence is something i did,
when i acted all stupid,like i was a kid.
when i thought that my life was one stupid joke,
when i look out for love but got covered in yolk,
got laughed at and treated like i just wasnt there,
travelled miles for a love that i knew didnt care,
who`s life was just so great,so it seemed at the time,
and i felt so much anger at the crapness of mine
and i missed all my friends and wished they were here
and my life had some meaning and my heart felt no fear
and i didnt just sit wondering what was all wrong
when i should have just seen it was you all along
but my heart it was stupid and so tangled in love
as your wore all my emotions on your hand like a glove
and you pushed me and pulled me til i split in two
yet the sympathy and passion seemed to go all to you
and the sad stupid cunts who just looked at me bad
just made me so angry til i felt i was mad
and i was at the time and i shouldnt have been
if only those sad cunts had just stopped and seen
past the picture of beauty you see in your eyes
whos laughter and passion is just her disguise
for the anger and pain and hurt there she holds
as the story of hardship,in her life it unfolds
and the mask,that she wears is soon slowly removed
and her truest of feelings are so slowly proved
yet not understood as she wont let you in,
and i think to myself,just give cant win.

....BUT I CANT.....

NEIL    SLATER.....Saturday, 14 December 2002
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