So Confuzzled
so confuzzled...!!!

so we sit and fight again
as anger swells inside my brain
i hate the way i make you cry
i wish i knew the reason why.

we never seem to stop and talk
we seem to run before we walk
as words turn into painful cries
hate the what`s,then whens,the why`s

is this right,it just dont seem
as all i seem to feel is mean
i want to find my smile ive lost
the one i had with out no cost

the only thing i had to do
was think of when i`d be with you
it made me laugh,it made me smile
it made my life seem so worth while

but now that seems so far away
as times brought darkness to my day
i wish i could just run and hide
but still these thoughts are trapped inside

so what to do,do i let go
i wish i knew,but i dont though
i wish an answer was there to give
and on with life i then could live.......

neil slater...2002
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