Sheep shaggers

sheep shaggers
take out your daggers
stick your knives deep in my back
but watch for yours when i attack

cos unlike you
i have lived through
needless abuse
parents i couldnt choose
you think im loose
im gonna cook your goose

see im here im staying
so you better start praying
that i dont take it out on you
fuck up your brain and leave you all screwed
spit you all out after you`s have been chewed

cause i can go on
i will stand here strong
long after you`ve gone
cos god took you!
you`re wrong

as each of these days as i watch and you prays
that the lord saves your soul
cos he made you not whole
but you can do your wrong
cos you pray it away
and i cant do all mine
cos gods not on my way
but thats what you say
as i stop and say hay
dont tell me im bad
cos you just make me mad
and you all make me feel sad
cos your just like my dad
that i just never had

who was such a dick
and a self centred prick
but rather than look at himself
he would look somewhere else
and yet all he could see
was this poor boy,yeah me

but he`s getting so old and his feelings of cold
are all melting away as he nears his last day
and then we will see how much guilt he will feel
as he wants to leave life,like a man made of steal

and he has to face up
to all of his wrongs
and all of the pain
that he caused all along
on his journey of his
but we all took the ride
no im not hiding nothing
there is nothing inside.

neil slater.........  Saturday, 21 December 2002
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