Septembers thoughts 02

so 2 months we`ve been apart,
and still i have my broken heart,
and still each day i think of you,
and think of us and was it true,

or was it just a dream we had,
a dream that turned out oh so bad,
i flew so far to be so near,
and now i look and your not here,

i know my heart one day will heal,
i know one day my heart will feel,
that passion burning once again,
as god brings me my life long friend,

the one with which im meant to be,
as slowly,hopefully i`ll see,
that we weren`t right,we just went wrong,
though the love we had once was so strong,

so heres to you and all the best,
as i go searching all the rest,
and take my time and find the one,
and learn to walk before i run.

neil slater.........30/09/2002
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