Our dream,it seems

So it seems we have a site,
or an in-sight to make it right,
to make our dream come oh so true,
is something i feel we must do.

to teach all poets and to enlighten,
that poetry is something that doesnt frighten,
its only words and a way to express,
for some its how we get stuff off our chest,

its the way we voice our view on the world,
its our stories of succes over grief we`ve been hurled,
its our window outside when we just cannot speak,
when our heads feel all heavy and our hearts feel all weak,

its a magic thats written all over the place,
with just a few words you can put smiles on a face,
you can make people feel how your hurting inside
when you need just to talk but your feelings say hide,

so bring all your rhymes and your stories of old,
and listen to others with their stories all told,
and enjoy every moment as if its your last,
and sit back as we go through,a blast from the past.

neil slater  Friday, 8 November 2002
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