open hearts can heal so well
as love and trust can break hurts spell
and cast away the doubts in mind
and open feelings to what you find
and give you all the zest you need
and fill your heart with feeling free
to love and trust and give your all
make all your problems seem so small
as trust is something we must give
if on with lives we both shall live
and hold our hands til sun does set
and sit and talk bout how we met
and how we feel and who we are
and how we`ve travelled together this far
and what may lie on the roads ahead
and thinking what we`ll do instead
as life will change and so will we
but together is something we will always be
a strong special bond we began when so young
when our hearts hadn`t fully realised what they`d sung
a sweet song of love between two foolish kids
who just liked each other no matter what they both did
and now here we find they`re together again
and the love that they have has remained so unchanged
and together they`ll be til the ending of time
and its nice how im hers and i know she is mine.

neil slater Tuesday, 17 December 2002                                   
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