Only one love,So true
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only one true

see so many faces as the day turns into night,
searching through those faces,
i dont see one thats right,
only face thats on my mind,
is the one thats always there,
the one i wake to in the morning,
but i dont look,i stare,
i cannot take my eyes away
from this beauty next to me,
turn my back and close my eyes
yet your beauty,still i see
take time out and go away
but life just feels so cold
i know that i`ll be missing you
til the day that i am old,
so sorry babe for all i`ve done
i wont do that no more,
i`ll take my chance,and have you back
and open up the door,
to brighter days and happy ways
and all thats good within
cos now we`re sorting ourselves out
our love will slowly win
and lead us on to where we`ll be
so happy in everyway
i know that this is something true,
and our love is here to stay.

NEIL SLATER  : Thursday, 5 December 2002
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