Nine One One

the trembling on the ground
was only that of the usual
early morning traffic in and around
new york city and the hustling of hurried workers
weaving there way through the usual street
slalom which was known as their way to work.
However a trembling of another kind
had begun on a number of flights
destined for anywhere but that famous city.
The trembling of fear as they realised they probably wouldnt reach the places they had so been looking forward to getting to.
masked men now stood before them,unknown enenmys,strangers with their lives now in their hands,what sort of god commands this power to any one who is really just like you and me.what sort of man will look at himself as a hero for killing in the name of something he does not know truely exists.or exist as it may be percieved.we are all gods in our way,some though are given more powers than others and some will do more than others regardless of right or wrong to have that power.yet power as it is percieved is not all it should be.what respect is really bestowed on the power of a mother to love undividedly and to teach and raise in a good way when there is so much bad to face off on her own.what about the average person with the average job who makes one comment which is taken on board by someone in a positive way and it ends up changing the complete course of a life.what about passing that 2dollars you just noticed that stupid old lady drop which may be her only way of getting her milk for the next two days,who,even without that still wouldnt think of going out and taking that which is not truely hers.
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