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so frustration
is hitting the nation
as i sit myself down
with my new playstation
and bury myself
in this makeshift world
were them bombs are not real
and theres no stress from girls
and drift far away with all of my dreams
make my life something new
though its not what it seems
but life never is as we take and we give
and we strive and we fight
for our right just to live
as each day anew, a challenge is born
and we battle on regardless
though our hearts are all torn
and we strive for the things
that we feel are so right
and we battle through daylight
and into the night
but i just want to say that all things are good
if you look at them right
as everyone should
and you see them as lessons
and learn from them all
and you sledgehammer with heart
and break through the walls
and go on to be all ,the things that you can
and feel good in this world be you woman or man,
and dont be afraid to go get it all
for no jobs too big
and no persons too small......


neil slater :Saturday, 22 June 2002
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