Mi bebe,Mi amore
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still my babe i do adore
and with each day i still love more
but can i trust her once again
or will she fuk more with my brain

you see im hurt,deep down i am
but still confused,cant understand
the way things went, but why, i know
we had to let our sweet love go

i had to leave to stop the hurt
to stop us saying things we blurt
when anger takes our words from mind
and forgets bout feelings for angers blind

i really hope she is the one,(i think actually)
that one day near she`ll bear my son
but i must take it nice and slow
as we let our love,rebuild then grow

for there`s no rush there never was
or love was pure thats just because
she`s so like me and me like her
as i pull her close my heart does purr

but at this time it just cant be
but im sure in time we both will see
that those eight years we spent apart
she always did stay in my heart

as she still does and in my mind
i know our love is hard to find
but all things must be good inside
or hurt will surface,& love will hide.

so lets just both sit back and chill
as things will always be as they will
and see tomorrow and what it does bring
and hope in the future its her wedding ring.

neil slater..Wednesday, 16 October 2002
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