like a snowflake
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                       snowflakes and memories....

as the snow falls quietly,across the ice capped snow,
where i sit and i think and im glad that i know,
that this problem is not us,it is what we`ve been shown,
all those terrible things when we hadn`t quite grown.

but boy did we grow,in ways hard to desribe,
theres no words for the anger and sorrow inside,
but these times they will pass as we live,and we learn
and we try to feel good when our hearts they do yearn.

but i know that my love for you cannot be surpassed,
if it sat school exams it would top up the class
it would seem like a dream,like the one in my mind,
the one that i know,not again,i wont find....

neil slater....  15/07/2002

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