Keepin on up
keeping on up....

starting off slowly my life is rebuilding
patching up what was,and arranging what will be,
but i must continue like this,and not let it slip,
for the bottom is so close even though i`ve travelled far,
and at a moments misfortune,one can see how easy it is to return,
but i continue to grow strong,and take heed of my lessons,
as im sure there are plenty more to come,yet i will be stronger for each,
we all need lows to help us appreciate the highs and how good they can be,
and to help us develope as people and human beings,
for we are being for such a short time we must enjoy each precious moment as its our last,
for then when our time is passed we will be remembered for more good than bad,
and those that knew us will be glad they did,
and speak cheerfully of their times spent with us,
where they look back at times like these as turning points in our lives.

neil slater......Friday, 11 October 2002                            14:50:28
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