How would a boy
HOW  WOULD  A  BOY   KNOW...........

how would a boy,know the thoughts of a man,
how would a child,grow up to understand,
if the time is not taken to sit down and think,
to sit down and talk rather than hide in your drink,
ya`know we dont need shouting at,
being put down,
made to feel small,
or feel nothing at all,
we know we`re wrong,
give us an alternative,
thats all we need,
shame ya didnt notice,
ya noticed when i messed up tho`,
maybe i should carry on like this,
least ya see me,
least i get looked at,
`stead of sitting here,
wondering what to do,
wanting,to be you,
you seem happy,
too happy to notice me,
no i dont want a drink or a packet of crisps,
i want to be missed,
not pissed,
pissed off,
wondering when i can act cool?
not realising your a fool.
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