Here i find
Finished reading
here i find.

here i find i can write
though its late in the night
as my mind drifts away
and i think of the day

that i sit there with you
and we look and we laugh
at the things that we did
and the hurt in the past

and the sorrow and joy
and the hurt and the pain
and we nod and agree
we wont go through it again

and our hearts are at ease
and our futures look bright
and we think of the times
when we were alone in the night

or we said that we were
but we kepts our lives hide
and we acted so childish
and stupid like kids

and we hurt with our ways
and we thought we were cool
yet we acted so dumb
like we`d just started school

yet those times have all gone
as we sit here and think
and realise in our eyes
we see better with no drink

and i could just go on
in such positive ways,
and i hope that you read
and my message it stays

with you til the end,yes my friend,that i love
your a treasure i cherish precious like gods own white dove
and as soft and as gentle as summers cool breeze
and a spirit i`ll shine with and that makes me feel ease.

NEIL  SLATER........Saturday, 14 December 2002
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