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so i find my time to un-wind
to shut off my mind as im no longer blind
not dazzled and dazed with my head in a haze
as i look to the future re-align all my ways.
And i look at the times when i did stupid things
and i took all the sorrow that lonelyness brings
and i spoke hurtful words so you knew how i felt
took both of my knees and on your heart i knelt.

Released all my anguish in short painful bursts
said so many things dont know what is the worst
did not give a damm as i cursed at you all
would not let you in as i built up my wall.
And kept you at bay with the words that i say
and left you not knowing what i would be each day
and scared you all off as i lost it again
when all that i needed was a good trusting friend

with a shoulder so wide it would take all my shit
and turn it around and just handle it
and tell me that all would just be ok
and show me the things that would light up my way,
And not block the light as i look far ahead
and not make me feel like im useless and dead
it seems such a shame that it turned out this way
when i needed your love i had to wait for a day

or maybe a week or a year as it seemed
as you lived out your life but forgot all my dreams
but that is ok i just want you to know
that the pain that you caused has just help me grow,
Its made me so strong so i know i wont quit
and i know i`ll be better than you`ll ever get
but you should take the time to know of your son
cause the end of the day youve only got one......

no matter what he says or does
there is no reason no just because
he is your flesh your blood your bone
yet you have left him all alone.
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Name: Mr.Neil Slater
Email: [email protected]
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