Feelings of the moment past
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so yet again you`ve hurt me dear
supposed to be near,but hurt is clear
lying is one thing i just cannot take
and i know that i cant make the same mistake

so i guess this is it,one more try gone again
as my trust now is lost like a runaway train          
i know i cant trust you as once more youve shown
how far we have gone and apart we have grown

but we tried,oh we tried,but it just didnt work
and im sick of this pain and im sick of this hurt
i dont think you`ll change for you are who you are
but lets look at it closely and we aint going far

7 months and no progress sept stopping the drink
which took but a moment for us both just to think
and of all of the trust that i lost but hang on
has so selfishly been taken,what was left now is gone.
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