Every now and then
finished reading
every now and then...

every now and then my mind gets twisted around,
with a new found way to destroy my inner soul,
with an aching desire to extinguish my fire within,
the relentless pounding of a dog eat dog world,
the ups and downs,the smiles and frowns,
school finished years ago,yet the lessons still go on,
yet the lessons of the heart are  harder to take,
than those of the head,its the lessons that make,
our views and insight`s on the world become our own,
and ours alone,
but only while reaching out for that hand to hold,
at times we dont even notice,
that that hands not there,
only in our own darkness of fear do we realise,
the empty hole which once was the comfort we took for granted.

neil slater....Thursday, 31 October 2002
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