Emotional Flashbacks
emotional flashbacks

so i`ve seen you,once again,
and once again your in my brain,
my feelings flow back from the past,
but we cant rush,if we will last,

today we started a long,long trek
today was merely just a speck,
of what one day i hope will be,
our beautiful lives,just you and me.

but take it slow as i have said,
and make sure alls right in your head,
and you will see and trust will grow,
and what went wrong,will be long ago,

and the future slowly will seem bright,
as problems faced turn out alright,
and you,yourself, will heal inside,
as slowly hate turns into pride,

and then that pride turns into love,
and you my princess from above,
will give your love to me in turn,
for deep inside thats all i yearn.
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