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so once again,i see the same,
in all of you,in all you do,
but you just dont see,i see too,

your stupid games,your weird mind frames,
your messed up life,your not my wife,
why cant you see,how you hurt me,
in many ways,with a lie,that says,

your just the same as you was before,
the same old shit but a different door,
but i wont travel that path no more,
you stupid whore,you know the score,
but just as i sit and think as i do,
and think as i often do think here of you,
and i wonder what enters your mind late at night,
when your drawing the curtains and you turn out the light,
and  you tuck yourself in and your lonely and cold,
and i know that you want me and you need me to hold,
and your heart starts to tremble and your head fills with fear,
and you cry and you dream and you wish i was here,

well i wish that i was, cos im lonely and cold,
and i miss you and need you and want you to hold,
but the lies and the mind games are doing me in,
its a path im not taking nor a game i`ll begin,
cos i just dont play,i never have ,i never will,
i see my emotions as my ultimate frill,
and the one frill i love,so much more than it all,
is the love that im feeling and i often recall.......
its a love that we shared that once was so bright,
but that love seems to have vanished in the still of the night,
and now as we gather the pieces we`ve lost,
and we look at the lies,and realise what they`ve cost.

was it worth it really????
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