dream catcher,
a catcher of dreams,
or just a constant follower of a world in a mind,
thats seems easier and happier than the real one i have.
plans are made to fall apart,
girlfriends are found to break my heart,
two steps forward then im back at the start,

but i cant stop,i must go on,
i must be strong,
must right my wrong,
must sing my song,and plod along

for each new day is a challenge set,
a challenge made and a challenge met,
yet i face them all and still stand tall,
and still look back and think how small,
some things have been yet at the time,
they felt like hills i`d never climb,
or rivers i would never cross,
i felt my life was one big loss,
a stupid waste,a blandless taste,
too many choices all made with haste,
but now im back,my lifes on track,
ive got my goals im going to attack,
ive got my hills ive got to climb,
im feeling good,my lifes sublime.

neil slater   ...  Sunday, 24 November 2002
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