Do they think we will sit back,
while helpless our lives they attack,
striking terror through our veins,
as they break free from tender reins,

a constant battle we must endure,
while finding help and love to cure,
this anger,hate thats built within,
but do they think like this they`ll win,

we need to talk,we must discuss,
cos its our world it affects all of us,
innocent lives each day are lost,
but life to them seems to have no cost,

its just another sorry sight,
as they try proving who`s wrong and right,
striking fear in daily lives,
as those in power sharpen knives,

but knives are something we dont need,
as hunger takes on power,greed,
and suffering goes on each day,
and still we cant just have our say,

but peace on earth one day will be,
i have this trust and faith in me,
i need this trust to pass on through,
and so my faith i give to you,

now use it well for it is strong,
with more of it we can move on,
and make this world a special place,
and wipe out terror without a trace.

neil slater  Saturday, 9 November 2002
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