Day Dreamer

The sun beats down over auckland city
check out that girl now aint she pretty
her long bronzed hair,her dark brown eyes
i think of her and fantasise

To pull her close and hold her hand
to sweep her of to foreign land
i hope some day i`ll be her man
but for now i`ll keep on dreaming

i look out west the ocean i see
then listen.the waves call out for me
i grab my board jump in my car
get there soon its not that far

I start to surf my moves look mean
i wish that tube those girls had seen
it`s one of those days that could have been
but for now i`ll keep on dreaming

I then get up and walk inside
my towels still wet my clothes aint dried
i fix a feed and pour a beer
how this happened still aint clear

i wipe my cheek my hand turns red
i think its blood,its not instead
it`s lipstick then i start to dread
was i really dreaming

Neil Slater...... 6/10/1992
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