Cool love man

Your phones been ringing all day long
but you dont answer have i done wrong
i tried to ring,i tried to call
but i can`t talk to you at all

It`s been twelve hours since i saw you last
i think of you my heart beats fast
your long dark hair,your shining eyes
there`s none of you that i despise

I hope you like this poem i`ve written
cos by your love bug ive been bitten
i need to talk to you right now
i wish someone would tell me how

i`ve never met anyone like you
who makes me feel just like you do
i feel so happy like never before
and writing this i want you more

so come with me and take my hand
and let me be your loving man
i will always be here for you
to show you that this love is true

so now i`ll finish my poem of love
and you my angel from above
stay with me dont go away
and i`ll see you another day.

Neil Slater  .... 16/8/1992
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