A point of view

A point of view
i give to you
the one that ive seen
all my life through
that one that sits and takes it all
that watches close when feeling so small
who doesnt say all that much back
so you sit and watch and think he`s slack
but he`s got more guts more than u will know
cos you havent the strength,
so let your hate show
do you know,
how hard it can be,to be me.
to not hit you back with a lyrical burst
that will leave you for days
knowing how youve been cursed
for i hold all my strength
here in my head
i sit and think and laugh inside
and see all the things you try to hide
but no one else does ever see
cos they just dont care
they`re not like me

neil slater  ........  Saturday, 21 December 2002
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