Another Reflection
(the mirror)another reflection

its strange how life takes twists and turns,
and bitter pills are lessons learned,
and challenges they come and go,
as each and every one must know,

but still we`re here and still we smile,
and still we think its all worth-while,
as each and every day dawns new,
and still in my mind,that picture of you,

for everyone needs some-one special to love,
to recieve hugs and kisses,and bodily rubs,
and im glad by my side that,that person is you,
and i love your sweet smile and all things you do,

and im glad that we see that this life ain`t that bad,
and the tears and the anger and the times we were mad,
are just phases we go through,and lessons we learn,
for so deep in my heart its for you that i yearn.
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