another new...
another new poem i `ve wrote,
but do i sit here do i gloat,
at what that was or just might be,
but you silly people all this is me,

oh yes, this is, i am,or what u think ,maybe,
but if you look real closely then surely you`ll see,
that, that there all is ,is nothing but me,
just open your eyes ,then you dumb cunts will see,
that i`m sorry for all the bad things i do say,
but i`m sorry ,my fam`ly made me this way,
but you look in their eyes and you just cannot see,
that this poor empty person that lies there is me,
but they wait,and they hope that it all gets better,
and they read,but they never see all of my letter.
or poem or what,you bother to read,
a lesson in words you never take heed,
to all,not fully, just take what you need,
and leave me again just leave me as me,
but im clever not stupid one day you will see,
or i think you all have and thats what makes you hate me,
but hate is so strong for one who`s done no wrong,
when it seems that the issues were yours all along,
but now i sit back and i gather my thoughts,
and plan my life carefully in every way,
and take heed,of some of ,the things that you say,
but most of us just play,its our way.

neil slater,,,,,,,,,,,,Friday, 11 October 2002                9:32:52 a.m.
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