2002 has almost passed by
and a good year of learning
i cannot deny
many a path i followed and failed
many a hurdle
i met on my trail
many a time i was on my arse
took time as a pupil
finished last in the class
but now i move on
to 2000 and 3
a brand new beggining
i have given me
a few of my habits
ive left by the way
as i strive for my future
and feel better each day
no longer am i
a druggee or drunk
but just ask my parents
and im still just a flunk
but i suppose they will see
from the distance they are
how ive travelled on upwards
and alone come this far
alone i do say
but i know its not true
cos ive found a new heart
and i owe it to you
for giving me love
when no-one else would
for seeing through badness
and realising my good
and i want you to know that i love you so much
i have never felt so good
or been loved up as such
but now that i have
you here by my side
i no longer have fears
and no longer will hide.

Neil Slater ............................ Saturday, 28 December 2002
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