I have some of the PPG and DBZ music that's on my site that you can download. You can just click on the words and listen to the music to see if you want to download them. If you want to download anything just right click it and click save as and save it in the file you want it to be in. You can do the same thing with any thing else on my website. You must have the latest version of REAL PLAYER if you want to listen to all of the music files.


Opening theme song of Evangeline


Powerpuff Girls opening theme song


Powerpuff Girls closing theme song


Powerpuff Girls song: love makes the world go round.

2nd Coming

Boogie Man theme song

Blue Velvet

White Reflection ( midi version )

DBZ openig theme song



Theme song from the movie Holloween

Dragonbal opening theme song

The New Batman/Superman Adventures theme song

X-MEN theme song

Spider Man theme song

Batman Beyond theme song

Men In Black theme song

Batman theme song

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