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Recent Updates:

4th March 2002 - A New Page!!!! Dedicated to the Adelaide Crows. Here I will post results and news of the best team in the AFL.

11th March 2002 - Added a link to eBay. I use eBay all the time to get bargains on items I am looking to buy, and to sell unwanted goods (for the price I want, not what Cash Converters wants to pay me!). Please click on it and sign up because it will be a help one day I can assure you and hey, I get paid for it if you do :) Click on the banner to help me over the poverty line :)
This is Neilo
Name: Neil Malcolm
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
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Hello everybody,

I would like to say welcome to my website to all my valued freinds and family who received my email plea.

Please guys, as requested, send any photos, stories, news etc about yourselves and others I know to me at the email to the right or to [email protected] for larger files.

Feel free to send any funny pictures of other people for a laugh and I'll be sure to post them up.

Oh come let us rejoyce!!!

Anyway, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Neil Malcolm, or Neilo. I am 24 years of age, live in Tuart Hill, Western Australia, with my lovely and adorable girlfriend Cassandra Jones (Cass). You can see some pictures of us on the photo page and view Cass' new website in my links.

I work at Sanford Securities, a stockbroking firm in Perth.

I love sport! Playing or watching I love it. I support the following teams:

AFL - Adelaide Crows

Domestic Cricket - Western Warriors

International Cricket - Australia

Australian Soccer - Perth Glory

English Soccer - Leeds United

Scottish Soccer - Celtic

Australian Basketball - Perth Wildcats

NBA - Seattle Supersonics

Australian Baseball - Western Heelers

Australian Rugby League - Wests Tigers

And anything at all involving an Aussie!!! I love this country!!!

Well I think I'll end this here for now, more to be added soon.

In the wise old words of another famous Aussie:

I luvs yez all!
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