Welcome to my First Website EVER!

Seen as Eoin was the first to sign the guestbook i'm expectin everyone ta sign it now!!!

This is pretty complicated ta do cos of all the code stuff but sure i guess i gotta get used ta it cos college will be a bastard if i can't even code a simple html file!!!!!!!!

i'm updating the website so things may not work properly for a while but i'll get there!!! i've added a link to my msn space so for anyone who cares all my blogs and stuff will be there! i'm gonna keep all my pics and interesting stuff on here tho!!

Feel free to browse the site and i'll be updating more of the site as the weeks go on!

E-mail me at [email protected]

New Pictures and Music Chart pages uploaded.....Check em out!!!

You Gotta check out the Beatbox Harmonica link on the Websites page...AMAZIN!


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