Curriculum Vitae
Neil McAllister
71 Graffham Ave., Giffnock, GLASGOW, G46 6EH. - (0141) 637 9945
[email protected]
Date of Birth: 22/12/1979
1997 to 2000 University of Strathclyde
BSc Architectural Studies
1991-1997 Woodfarm High School
Certificate of Sixth Year Studies
Maths (paper I, generalA
Maths (paper III, statistics)A
Graphic CommunicationA
Standard Grade

March 2001 - presentAslett ArchitectsArchitectural Assistant
Summer 1999Roy McAllisterBuilder's labourer
Summer 1998Royal MailPostman
October 1993

Renfrew District CouncilWork experience in architects office (1 week)

I am currently working for Aslett Architects in Guernsey. It is a very small practice (currently only David Aslett and myself), which has a high turnover of mainly small domestic jobs. This has allowed me to get a very good experience of the complete design process and I have been given a large degree of responsibility for individual projects.

Before starting here I had graduated with a BSc in architecture (RIBA part I equivalent) from Strathclyde University. There my design projects ranged from small canopies to a complete urban block incoporating housing and a gallery.

I am generally interested by traditional styles and construction methods. I am fascinated by the geometry of classical and gothic architecture and like to try and create order and mathematical precision in my designs, often using geometric forms like cubes, golden rectangles and root 2 rectangles. I also like to aim for the apparent solidity and permanence of many old, especially stone, buildings.

I am very interested in many aspects of computing. I have worked with a wide range of graphics and modelling software. I am proficient in 2D AutoCAD and 3D modelling in Blender and FormZ. I have some experience with various other graphics packages including Photoshop, CorelDRAW and the GIMP. I also have done programming in assembler, various dialects of BASIC, C, C++ and HTML and Javascript. I have recently been using the open-source Linux operating system.

I have many other interests including photography, music and accumulating 'useless' knowledge.
I am an active Christian and served for a year on the committee of the Christian Union in the university, which included responsibility for leading and organising a team. I also helped run a small Scripture Union group in school and was a Scout patrol leader.

For examples of my work please VIEW MY PORTFOLIO - This requires Javascript - if your browser does not support this contact me and I can send you printouts.
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